Danial Ehyaie

Danial Ehyaie is the cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at Gate Labs, Inc.

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[Infographic] How Security Has Evolved: From a Stick to a Video Smart Lock

Jun 10, 2019 / by Danial Ehyaie posted in Smart Lock, Security


From the dawn of civilization, humans have faced the desire to protect themselves and their belongings. While the basic need for security hasn’t changed over millennia, the mechanics have. From the early Mesopotamian locking devices to the most advanced high-tech gadgets in today’s marketplace, locks have experienced a lifetime of reinvention that reflects socio-economic progress. Here are a few highlights of the lock’s journey throughout Western history from a wooden stick to digital technology.


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The Problem with Traditional Locks and Managing Remote Access to Rental Properties

Jun 6, 2019 / by Danial Ehyaie posted in Trusted Access, Smart Lock


Originally published in Security Magazine and republished with permission.

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