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5 Specific Things You Can Do Only with a Video Smart Lock

Jul 2, 2019 / by David Varnai posted in Smart Lock, Features


Smart locks are growing in demand—in 2016, a survey of nearly 1,300 U.S. consumers revealed that 18% (~1 in 5 people) planned on purchasing a smart lock in the next 12 months. In 2019, that percentage jumped to 1 in 4 Americans according to new research. 

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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Smart Lock

Mar 9, 2019 / by David Varnai



Shopping for a smart lock is like shopping for a car. While they all provide the same service, most vary in features and specialties. Which is why consumers should conduct research to find their perfect match. 

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What Does Trusted Access Mean?

Mar 9, 2019 / by David Varnai



The conveniences of today's world are changing the way modern homeowners think about home security, and how they control and monitor access to their home.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Smart Lock to Gate

Mar 8, 2019 / by David Varnai

If you’ve spent time shopping for a smart lock, you know there are dozens of options to choose from. In fact, y ou probably encountered smart lock brands like August, Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale. Or even brands like Ring or Nest for video doorbells. 

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Gate Labs Releases Second Generation Operating System for its Video Smart Locks

Mar 1, 2019 / by David Varnai



Gate’s new operating system increases motion responsiveness, faster video capture, improved Wi-Fi performance, and power savings in all Gate video smart locks.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2019  Gate Labs, Inc., the home security company that manufactures the world’s first all-in-one video smart lock, announced a second generation of its operating system for its flagship smart lock product, Gate. The Gate Smart Lock combines a set of features not found in other devices on the market, such as the live video and audio streaming of events taking place outside and inside the home. This update is designed to make everyday functionality faster and more reliable.

Over the next few weeks, all Gate smart lock units will be automatically updated with the following features:


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Firmware Version Released

Feb 11, 2019 / by David Varnai



Gate Labs released the wireless firmware update to improve your Gate Smart Lock functionality. With the most recent version of our software, coming in the next few weeks, your Gate device will now have:

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